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I grew up in New Jersey, but relocated to upstate New York for college. I recently packed up and moved to Arizona for a full time job, after spending fifteen months job searching. I learned how to deal with stress during that time, so I have a lot of creative outlets, and often go on adventures to keep myself sane. After being out west for a year, I learned that laid back lifestyle isn't for me. Here I am, back on the East Coast, and back into job searching.

I'm hard to peg down, and even harder to describe (especially to myself). I love exploring new things and places, collecting experiences, and challenging myself to do things I might not usually do. I'm a mess, both physically and emotional, and try to organize everything by color. Writing and baking are my biggest stress relievers, and lately watching sports has been up there as well.

I was a gymnast for my entire childhood, and it's still my favorite sport, although I can't do much anymore. I follow elite and college gymnastics for both men and women. As for sports you may have heard more about, I'm a Jersey loyalist, a fan of the Devils and the NY Giants. My boyfriend is trying to get me to be a Cubs fan.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave comments and I'll make a sort of FAQ.


I have two sisters.

My oldest sister, M, is thirty and lives only about two hours from me in upstate New York. She is married to her husband, W. They are a good super geeky couple. W is a writer who reviews movies and sometimes tv shows for a blog. M is a scientist and currently a teacher, and she generally does not let you forget she is the microbiologist.

B is my other older sister, the middle child. She lives all the way across the country in California, where she works on interactive installations. We grew up fairly close, but don't see each other too much anymore. She got married recently to N.

My parents, who I endearingly call Mom and Dad (creative, I know) live in a retirement community in Florida. They fly us all down there for holidays, so we see each other quite a bit, considering the distance. Mom is a nurse, but spends most of her time traveling. Dad works as a business consultant. I've never actually figured out what he really does, but it works for him.

The most important lady in my life is my Chiahuahua, Tessa. I adopted her in February 2014, when I was out in Arizona, and she has tried to keep me sane ever since. She's the perfect companion for long days of job searching and blogging, and she's a great model for photoshoots (just not food shoots!)


I have so many friends, from all different periods of my life. Most of them will show up in stories I tell, but I'll never bother to mention them by name (or letter, initial, whatever). However,  these are the few that may show up more than others.

My best friend from high school is A. She lives in Florida, so I get to see her quite a bit, which is very lucky. She's working her way up in her company, and overcomes obstacles like no one else I've ever met. Our relationship works for us, though we don't talk everyday (or even every week). When we're together, though, we are inseperable. She's practically my sister. Another "sister" is M's best friend, E. She lives in FL near A, and I'm jealous of the fun they get to have together when I'm not there.

My boyfriend since April 2013 is The Boy. That's right, he gets more than just an initial. We go on a lot of adventures and road trips, especially in the summer and I write about him a lot. He's a grad student, loves baseball, and we bonded over beer and hockey.

If I find myself talking about certain other friends quite a bit, I'll add descriptions of them here as well.

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