Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Cruise Along

Next week is spring break for the college I used to go to, and therefore for all of my roommates who are still students there. In this situation I had two choices: stay in town and pretty much hang out here alone all the time while everyone I know is away, or leave and go somewhere exciting.

The last cruise I went on. This boat is huge!
I chose the latter, not only because it's a better choice, but because the break aligned perfectly with a fairly new family tradition. M and A run now, so the rest of us go "watch" (we see them cross the finish line) them do ten milers and half marathons down in Disney World.

Mom also found a cruise that leaves Sunday, so she and I tacked that on to the end of the weekend, which means I'll be having a grand old time in not-upstate-New-York for a week, and boy do I need it. I'm pretty excited for the cruise, because I had so much fun on my last one.

I made some pretty fantastic friends, and we still keep in touch (read: are friends on Facebook). We would do ridiculous things like request "Call Me Maybe" ten times a night until the DJs hated us, dance like we were having spasms, or jump in while drunk people were doing shots and somehow get them to buy a few more for us.

We'd go to the adult dance club each night, dance and drink until 3am, and then we'd find somewhere else to hangout, because we were on vacation, and who needs sleep? We'd hang out in the twenty-four hour hot tubs, playing truth or dare. We'd just chill in the empty casino, talking about life to a background on blinking lights.

This was the first time I had this kind of experience on a cruise (I've been on a few, because they are my mother's vacation of choice). Before that, I'd always hung out with my family, (or A the one time she came with me) and we'd do normal cruise things like play trivia and seek out as much free champagne as possible.

I'm excited for this upcoming cruise to relax and get out of this freezing weather, mostly. It'll be nice to not have an internet connection, which means no pressure to constantly apply to jobs. I'll get some reading done, which I always enjoy. But mostly I wonder who I'll meet and what kind of stories I'll come home with.

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