Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Summer Berries

One of my favorite parts of summer is the food.

Suddenly, the produce section goes from rows and rows and stacks and buckets full of different types of apples to shelves lined with stone fruits, berries, and summer squash. Before the plums and peaches make their entrance, however, first we get the berries.

And so, this is an ode to those glorious summer berries: raspberries with their sour pucker, blueberries with their tart sweetness, and strawberries with their succulent sugar.

On warm summer days I throw them in my sweet tea for an extra kick of flavor. On cool days inside the air conditioning I pile them on top of waffles with a little bit of honey. On every other day, I just eat 'em by the handful.

As long as they look good in the store, not bruised, not too squishy and of course, no mold, my fridge will be stocked with summer berries. 

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