Thursday, July 4, 2013

Nailed It: 4th of July

Fourth of July, huh. Yesterday, we passed the halfway point of 2013. Actually the Boy and I calculated it out and determined that halftime occurred at exactly 1 pm (local time) on July 3. 

My Dooney & Burke bag in Disney Cruise Line print!

Or if you live in one of those places that makes sense like Arizona where's there's no Daylight Saving Time, noon on July 3. Anyway, in honor of the holiday I did a pretty traditional patriotic manicure. At first I was thinking fireworks, but I actually own red, white, and blue nail polish now so I had to honor the flag.

I am in love with how the light captures this glitter!

I started with Sinful Colors Snow Me White on all nails except the thumb, where I used Sally Hanson Blue It (which I'm convinced is a perfect Tardis blue, don't you think?). The white is a little thin and streaky. In retrospect, I should've done 2 coats but I wanted it to dry fast so I could tape it off.

Blueberries are pretty American, right?

For the "stars" on the blue I used Revlon Heavenly, which is a gorgeous glitter suspended in clear polish that has both hexes and squares. If I had a glitter made of stars I totally would have used that, but I think this one works.

I used Scotch tape to mark off the red areas, and for the red I used my Nail Candy nail pen. It's double sided red and white, which was perfect to touch up the parts where the tape wasn't perfect. I did just a French style tip on all fingers except the ring, where I did a stripe accent.

So Happy Fourth! Have some burgers and hot dogs, watch some baseball (that's what I'm doing) and don't forget to enjoy the fireworks!

Oh, also, sing some patriotic songs. I learned them all from listening to Yankee Doodle Mickey on cassette on long car rides. Do you know all the words to all the military songs? I do, because Donald Duck taught me. Also, Molly Ringwald singing "This is My Country" might be the best thing ever. And if someone could find me the correct version of Battle of New Orleans, I'd probably love them forever.




    Now who has the record player?

    1. It's on the cassette version too, but I want a digital copy!


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