Friday, August 2, 2013

Friday Five Things [08/02/13]

1. Well, I'm back from my two week adventure. Isn't adventure a much more fun word than vacation? I think so. Anyway, I went to California for B's wedding, as I've been mentioning a lot recently. We were in San Francisco and then jetted down to Anaheim. M&W hit up San Diego during Comic Con, but I headed back east where I explored Washington DC with The Boy, and then we drove back to upstate New York. Good times all around. I hope you've been enjoying the posts from these trips so far and there's more to come!

2. My phone finally gave up and refused to hold a charge while I was in California. So once I made it back to the right coast, I picked up a new phone, and now I'm officially a member of the iPhone cult. Err, community. I'm still new to it, but so far I love the camera and battery life. I also can't wait to get a Lilly Pulitzer case for it.

3. We've been going to trivia nights at this local bar/restaurant/coffee shop through Geeks Who Drink. It's pretty cool bar trivia, and ours is really popular. You should check out the website and see if there's one near you. I've learned that I'm not that great at trivia, despite my champion status on various cruise ships. Or maybe the beer doesn't help.

4. It's time to start thinking about the next couple months. August is my last month in my apartment, and I'm not totally sure where I'm off to next. I do have a couple job interviews in the coming week, and if one of those pans out, it makes everything a little easier. If not, however, that's where I'll need to have a plan B.

5. I'm loving some of the back to school stuff I've been seeing on Pinterest and in some of my favorite blogs. It's hard to look through all the cute clothes, notebooks, and agendas knowing that I'm not going back to school this fall. I would love a Lilly Pulitzer agenda

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