Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Bedroom + Repurposed Dinette Set

When I moved in with my boyfriend, we tried to have very few redundancies. I wouldn't let him buy a bed, because I knew that once I got there we'd be using mine (because it's amazing, and nearly brand new). He was totally fine with sleeping on a futon mattress on the floor for three months, but he wouldn't budge on a dining set.

I didn't fight too hard, my tiny table and two chairs weren't exactly a major purchase for me. I got them at Target for just over $100. My mother and I built them in my old living room. However, when I got here, that meant we had an extra table and two chairs and no real use for them.

The place is too small for multiple eating areas. It's a tiny two-bedroom apartment, after all. So a breakfast nook, while adorable, was out of the question. For awhile, the table sat as a placeholder for the boy's desk in the spare bedroom/office, but as encouragement for him to actually get a desk, I wanted to get it out of there.

So here are what I came up with:

In the bedroom, we had a little extra space. One thing we needed was a place to throw extra pillows and blankets from the bed while sleeping. In the warm evening hours, the boy doesn't like having the heavy comforter on the bed, but I need it once the temperature drops. The floor wasn't working. So I took the two chairs, and placed them sideways beside the bed, covered them with an old curtain, and some throws and we had a bench. It's now a perfect place to pull on socks, helps the pup hop off our extremely tall bed, and serves as a resting spot for the comforter.

The table was still a little trouble. Back in Arizona, though, I was spoiled with an overabundance of bathroom storage. Here, we have a tiny linen closet, almost no counter space next to the sink, and no medicine cabinet at all. So, I decided to turn the table into a makeshift vanity. It's missing a mirror, but works really well as a place for me to store my make-up, necklaces, and hair ribbons. My little ottoman (an impulse purchase back when I got my couch) makes a perfect stool, especially trimmed with an otherwise underused pashmina scarf.

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