Friday, January 23, 2015

Dress Up Tess: Yoda T-Shirt

My Chihuahua, Tessa, has huge ears.

Seriously, we talk about her "wingspan" and joke that she is about to fly away. Sometimes, when she's relaxing her ears stick straight out to the sides and she looks a bit like Yoda.

When I put a blanket over her head, it looks like a hood, and I call her my little Jedi master.

But this shirt doesn't just celebrate my Chi's ears. It also makes a solid point about how people perceive my pup. Tessa may be a Chihuahua, but that doesn't make her any less sweet and loving than any bigger dog.

She still goes nuts when I walk in the door, jumps up and licks my face, plays tug-o-war with her rope toys, and begs at the dinner table.

Judge her by her size, do you? Don't.

Love this shirt that Tessa is modeling? Get it here.

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