Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Fantasy Gymnastics Recap: Week 2

Thanks to Simon Syon for the photo

After a rough beginning, week two felt like a sigh of relief for my fantasy team. I didn't have to count a zero! However, my gymnasts are trying to make me nervous by not competing on events they competed on last week. Line ups are rough this season.

Week 2 Overview

Vault: I always expect better things from Vault, and while I did nearly perfect this week, being only .05 off from my best possible score, it was only my third best event overall. Highlights included a 9.9 from Chelsea Raineri (GWU) and a 9.875 from Georgia Dabritz (Utah), who I'd expect to be in the 9.9's more often.

Bars: Bars was okay this week, thanks to my Illinois girls: Sunny Kato's 9.925 and Mary Jane Horth with a 9.9. I would have had another 9.9, if it weren't for Chelsea Davis (Georgia) dropping to a 9.825 on her second meet of the weekend for an average on 9.8625.

Beam: Sunny Kato is also my beam leader right now, but her competition isn't too stiff. I ended up counted a 9.45 from Lindsay Offutt (Pittsburgh). Luckily, my line-up wasn't as terrible as Georgia this week. The GymDogs fell apart, counting 3 falls, yikes!

Floor: Georgia Dabritz hit for a 9.95 and Halle Moraw (CMU) got a 9.9, both significant improvements over last week, and also fantastic scores for me! I also counted Carley Sims (Alabama) for a 9.9 as well as a 9.875, and a 9.85. My 49.495 was the maximum possible for my team this week and I picked the perfect line-up!

Out of the Line Up

It's very difficult to find information about line-ups and injured athletes. Fantasy gymnastics isn't as popular as the major sports, so injury reports just aren't a thing.

For the first time, Fantasy Gym introduced trading gymnasts. I looked into it, but I have a few girls on my team I'm keeping around even though they are injured.

  • Austin Sheppard (Michigan) should come back in a few weeks and be a superstar on Bars.
  • Kristin Klarenbach (Arizona) can only help to improve my already excellent Floor line-up
  • Serena Leong (Cal) didn't compete this week, but hopefully it's nothing serious
As for girls I am considering dropping, I'll have to do a little more research on who is still available to pick up instead. Right now, I'm doing okay. Every girl on my team (except the injured few) made at least one line-up. I'll start dropping gymnasts if anyone turns into filler.

Girls I Wish I Drafted

  • Nebraska Vault Line-up: This team counted a 9.9, 9.925, 9.95, 9.975, and 10 on VT this week for a 49.5. I have two Husker's on my team, but neither made it into this high score-fest.
  • Girls Who Don't Compete Twice: Both my girls who had multiple meet weekends dropped their scores in the second meet. I lost two 9.9's for 9.8625's instead. It's a little rough.
  • Ashley Lambert or Alex McMurtry: Man, I would love to have one of those 10's on my team. Have you seen these Vaults? Beautiful.

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