Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Fantasy Gymnastics Recap Week 8: What Goes Up

Thanks LemonJenny for the picture of Utah Gymnastics!

Wow. What a rough week for me, and it's going to be tough to recover from it this late in the season. With a low score on Bars, my team only managed to rustle up a 197.3. This doesn't sound too terrible, but it was enough of a drop that it let me fall into second place in my division and 18th overall. Let's talk a little bit about what went wrong.

Too Much Depth

I've had a little bit of trouble with Jennifer Lauer (Nebraska) this entire season. The line-ups for the Huskers just keep changing, and that means that it's becoming extremely difficult to predict whether the senior is going to compete on Bars each week. However, when she does compete, she gets a pretty good score -- one that I don't want to miss.

Another NCAA team with a ton of depth is Alabama. Lauren Beers tends to compete All Around, which had been pretty dependable since week 3 when she was put into the Floor line-up. However, this week, Carley Sims was taken out of the Beam line-up after making it last week and placed into Bars for only the second time this season.

It All Falls Down

Bars and Beam were a mess of splats this week for me. While the lowest score I counted (a 9.525 on Bars) was not a fall, it's definitely not what I would consider a hit routine. In addition to a 0 from Jennifer Lauer, my Bars crew dropped a 9.25 from Austin Sheppard (Michigan) and a 9.175 from Beers. On Beam, I dropped a 0 from Sims, 9.625 from specialist Lauren Mitchell (BGSU), a 9.7 from either Jennie Laeng (Nebraska) or Halle Moraw (CMU), having to count the other 9.7.

It was my fault for not trusting the numbers, however. Sheppard, for example, didn't show up in the line-up according to my calculation of expected score. However, I decided to put her in over Sunny Kato (Illinois), who earned a 9.85 this week. Next week, I'm going to try listening to the statistics. My highest possible score this week was a 197.85, .55 higher than I scored, making this my worst line-up since week 2.

Some Bright Spots

Georgia Dabritz continues to shine on Bars with a 9.95 and Floor with a 9.9. Although her 9.875 on Vault was the lowest score I counted on that event. Ciera Perkins (Boise State) is my specialist of the week, earning a 9.95 on Vault and a 9.9 on Bars. Lindsay Offutt (Pittsburgh) pulled in two 9.9's on Beam and Floor. Unfortunately, she wasn't in my Beam line-up.

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