Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Month in Music: March 2015

It's cliche, but I'm not completely sure when it became the middle of April. I've been letting writing fall by the wayside a bit, and I don't like it. I find myself thinking of tons of ideas for blog posts (some involve dressing up the Chihuahua or baking, of course) and just not having the time or energy to write them. However, some of that is for April. Let's talk about last month.

March did it's typical lion-lamb thing, but it definitely leaned over the lion side of the line a little more. Between that and finding myself stuck on a bus and train for over two hours each day, I found that my music in March was more of an escape than usual. Instead of using music as my background noise last month, I needed it to surround me and transport my mind.

A lot of these songs did just that. This is a huge departure from the fun and upbeat tunes of February. And honestly, April will be a departure from this. That's why I make monthly playlists, after all.

In My Train Space
Take Me to Church - Hozier
Young & Beautiful - Lana Del Ray
Technicolour Beat - Oh Wonder
Shine - Benjamin Francis Leftwich
Globes & Maps - Something Corporate
I'm a pagan of the good times. My lover's the sunlight. - Hozier

Having a job is good, since I wasn't really enjoying the lack of income that unemployed lifestyle tends to bring. But the commute is nothing short of awful. Walk-bus-train-190 foot escalator and then the whole thing in reverse 8 hours later. These tunes took my head somewhere else. I'd turn them up loud, and the crowds would just fade away into blurs.

Work Day Jams
Dream a Little Crazy - Architecture in Helsinki
Celeste - Ezra Vine
Cecilia and the Satellite - Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness
Lightning Bolt - Jake Bugg
Heaven Sent - Best Coast

For all the things my hands have held, the best by far is you - Andrew McMahon
At work, I don't listen to music all day, but sometimes when I'm doing tedious tasks, I need it. While those fantasy-inducing slow tunes are good for disappearing on the train, at work I need to stay awake, but still get that transported effect. These songs are a bit more on the upbeat side, but still bring me into my own little world.

New Favorites
Roll Up Your Sleeves - Meg Mac
Lover of the Light - Mumford & Sons
Jesus Christ - Brand New
Do you believe you're missing out? That everything good is happening somewhere else? - Brand New

Sometimes, a song just gets me. These are the ones you just need to listen to. You are truly missing out if you don't. Trust me.

As always, there are many more on the playlist. Enjoy!

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