Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday Five Things [03/15/13]

I decided I'm going to post about five things I've been thinking about, dealing with, or whatever each Friday. Just little things on my mind, so let's get started.

Graffiti on my old college's campus is pretty profound.

1. I've been craving cookie dough. I tend to have very specific cravings when my body has some sort of deficiency, like peanut butter when I need protein, or a salad when I've eaten fried food all day. I'm softening a piece of butter right now in the sun to make this recipe. I'm not even going to put in on a cake, just eat it with a spoon and some sprinkles.

2. College hockey season probably ends this weekend, for me. Our team has had a rough season to watch (and probably to play in) and we ended up seeded eighth in our division - the first year we haven't been in the top three. I've grown to love the team this year, however, and the sport so much. I'll definitely continue to follow future seasons.

My favorite is number 20! See if you can spot him.

3. Google Reader is shutting down in July. Everyone is jumping to alternatives right away, probably to switch everything over and get used to the new lifestyle. However, I'm going to sit back and wait. When Google Reader changed their layout, a company created practically a clone of the original. Hopefully someone will do that for Google. Still, sad day.

4. This bipolar weather lately has got me thinking about in-between season dressing. It's too cold for dresses, too warm for winter coats, and that perfect weather where you're not sure if you should order an iced or hot coffee. Naturally, I made a Polyvore collage of some of my favorite in-between clothes.

5. I have a couple more weeks before my schedule gets super busy and crazy, and I've been using that little bit of spare time to look into writing articles for a few websites. It will take a lot of research, which is why I'm doing it now. I know by the end of this month, I'll barely have time to think about writing here!

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