Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Fancy Schmancy

My old apartment had a Formal Party last Friday.

Essentially this means we all got dressed up real fancy and drank out of clear plastic cups instead of those awful red Solo cups. Classy, right? Actually, we all had a really nice time and there were no disasters. Good night overall, and of course I took a bunch of pictures.

My friend I and I pre-gamed a little. And by that I mean we didn't drink a drop, but we listened to pump up music and did our nails and make-up and raided my closet for a cute dress. I don't know why, but getting ready is always more fun than the party.

Also we took far too many selfies. I kind of love taking pics of myself, for some strange reason. I can't just let someone else take the picture like a normal human. Oh well.

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