Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday Five Things [04/05/13]

My nails this week. They look like space!
1. I'm going to a minor league baseball game tomorrow! I'm not that into baseball, but I'm going with someone who is super passionate about it, and I love seeing people in their element. Learning something new from someone who is so enthused about it is so much more satisfying than learning from a book. And someone so captivated with a topic makes you want to learn. Also, he's just a really good, nice guy.

2. My songwriting class has gotten really interesting this week. We're starting to put together an entire song, using all the skills and tools we've learned. I'm not starting from scratch, however, but working on improving a couple songs I've written in the past. I'm also working on adapting a few essays from prose. If I come up with anything worth sharing, I'll post it here.

Sun setting after a bright, but freezing day
3. The weather's been wacky this week, but living in upstate New York for six year gets you used to it. Sunny and 65 one day to snowing sideways the next is just something we've all gotten a handle on. Although I'm looking forward to settling into spring and summer, I kind of like the tumultuousness of the whole thing. Consistency in inconsistency and all that, it's kind of poetic.

4. I've started to be a little bit more active on the forums, where I've been talking to a few other twenty-something bloggers. I love reading about other people's lives and how they are handling what's thrown at them. This community is a good way to connect with my peers, college students and graduates who are just as lost as I am.

My super packed schedule for this past week
5. I started three new online classes in the last two weeks, and my schedule has started to get a little crazy. Keeping a color coded Google calendar has definitely been helping. Also, I've learned to use a to-do list in coordination with a day planner to get everything done on time. It's tough keeping up with two nearly daily blogs, 6 classes, and endless job applications, but forcing myself to keep organized is definitely helping.

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