Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday Five Things [04/12/13]

Pic of the Week: Miniature Baseball Stadium
1. I moved out of the basement of my apartment (where I lived with the guy I used to date) and into my own room upstairs. I've loved decorating my new space to really make it all my own - by covering the walls in paint chip art, old pictures and postcards, and pages ripped out of magazines. I hung up some of my scarves as more wall art and window treatments. It's amazing how a few sentimental items can turn any room into a haven.

2. I love this blog, Imagineering Disney, because they always post such cool ideas for attractions and pictures of how the Disney parks looked in the past. This week, they posted an adorable miniature model of one of the greatest attractions - The World Famous Jungle Cruise. It almost makes me want to learn to make models! If they sold these on Etsy, I'd buy them for like every ride. For real.

Model of The Jungle Cruise from Imagineering Disney
3. I haven't been sleeping that well lately. It might be because my house is absolutely freezing and I only have two woven blankets to keep me warm. It might be because I'm sleeping on an air mattress, and it's probably not the best conditions for my back. It's more likely, however, that I've been staying up really late hanging out with The Boy, til like 4 in the morning. It's been taking a toll on us both.

4. I found a bunch of blank CDs when going through some of the storage in my apartment. So, I decided that I want to make them all into mix tapes (I know, they aren't tapes. I just like the terminology better) for all my friends with car stereos. The last couple days now I've been going through and listening to some of my music I haven't heard in awhile, rediscovering old favorites, as I try to put together these playlists.

5. My classes have been taking up almost all of my time lately. There is one especially, Medical Neuroscience, that has tons of videos and lectures that I need to watch every single week. And that's not the only one I'm taking! Luckily, there's a little bit of overlap throughout at least three of the classes, which makes absorbing the information a lot easier! I love the feeling of being busy with school work again, though.

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