Thursday, April 11, 2013

Future Adventure Planning

Summer is fast approaching, and as of right now, I still don't have any sort of employment that's keeping my feet planted in any city.

Taken from an airplane.

Without those roots to hold me down, you know I'll just end up wherever the wind takes me. However, there are a few places that I'm planning to visit during the warmest season, whether to visit friends or just to explore.

Washington DC

I went to DC a couple years back for a neuroscience conference, and it was awesome - except that I spent nearly all my time on the train to or at said conference. The last time I really got a chance to see the nation's capital was when I was very young and I barely remember seeing the sights on the mall like the monuments and government buildings. However, I'm most excited for the museums - like Natural History and Air and Space. And I might be kidnapped and taken to a Nat's baseball game as well!

"Everything looks perfect from such great heights"

New York City

I must have been to New York hundreds of times (maybe even thousands) at this point. I even lived there for a month while I had an internship in Union Square. The best part about this city - there is always something new and exciting to discover. One time we went to a super hero supply store. Another time I discovered an awesome open mic with free jello shots and cinnamon buns. And we never did find the $10,000 buried somewhere in the Burroughs. I can't wait to see what new things and places await me next time.

I just wanna fly.

San Francisco

Here's another one I've been to a few times, and once again I won't really get a chance to explore too much while I'm there this year. That's because the whole family is going out there for B's wedding! It's pretty exciting that she's getting married and in such an awesome and beautiful city. Hopefully I'll visit the newlyweds in the future and really get to wander the hilly streets of San Fran.

Someplace New

I'm not sure where yet, but one of my huge goals to accomplish before I turn 30 is to visit at least five more states that I have never been to. I have visited just over half, but I really want to get to all of them eventually and hitting one a year is the way to do it. Maybe I'll check out a national park or convince a friends to do a wild road trip. I've got nearly all the flyovers left, and I can't wait!

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