Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Chasing Waterfalls

I love nature.

Don't get me wrong; I'm a total city girl. I fall asleep better to the sounds of traffic than to the sounds of crickets. 

But when it comes to water, I've learned to fear nature's wrath and respect her power. I grew up on beach - the famous Jersey Shore (but trust me when I say it's nothing like that awful reality television show. I am no Snooki, okay). One of the first lessons I learned as a child was don't turn your back on the ocean - or you'll regret it.

The other day, I got the opportunity to see nature and the power of water in all it's glory. I mentioned to The Boy that I love waterfalls. In addition to lightning, they are one of my favorite parts of living on this brilliant planet. In this discussion, we discovered that I had somehow never been to see Niagara Falls, even though it is literally right around the corner. Or a couple hour drive.

I had been up to the town of Niagara a few times - to watch a hockey game, to participate in a cheerleading competition. But the closest I ever got to seeing the majestic waterfalls in the Niagara river was to catch a glimpse of the mist from the highway.

When I saw the American side - Bridal Veil Falls, I was in awe. You don't see the waterfall right away. First, you see the edge of it - a raging river that just disappears into infinity. You the rapids churning more powerfully as you walk toward the cliff. And then you start to see the mist rising above and you hear it pouring, like thunder down onto the rocks below. You take a few steps forward and you can see the water like a blanket draped over the wall, but with so much energy.

I stood there in awe for a few moments before I could even begin to capture any pictures. It was truly amazing.

You know that feeling when you're standing on the edge of a platform or behind a railing and you just want to jump. It's not a suicidal thought; it's more like wondering what what it happen. It's like being pulled in by the sheer power of it all and just yearning to be apart of nature, even though you know it would destroy you. That's how I felt seeing Niagara Falls for the first time.

According to this study from the Florida State University, that urge to jump is called High Place Phenomenon, and it actually a will to survive. I believe that - because when I could feel the mist of Horseshoe Falls leaning over the edge of the railing I have never felt more alive.


  1. Wow- these pictures are beautiful and I love your descriptions of how you felt while taking in the falls. I would love to visit Niagra Falls someday!

    ...visiting from 20SB!

    1. Thank you! It really is a fantastic thing to see; the pictures just don't do it justice. I hope you get to see it in person sometime!


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