Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Last night The Boy and I celebrated being together for one month.

I know, I know. That's not very long. But everything has to start somewhere, right?

Anyway, he dressed up all cute, which for him is quite impressive. I joke that his wardrobe fits into one of three categories: college T-shirts, baseball T-shirts (see above photo, lol) and nerdy T-shirts. To be fair, I can't complain too much, as I tend to wear a tank top and jeans every single day of my life. But last night he put on a polo shirt, and honestly, just the effort was super adorable. Plus he looked good.

I put on a pretty dress that my mom bought for me at Dress Barn. Here's what it looks like on the rack:

I kind of love the color scheme. I totally wear purple and teal all the time. After all, I did a whole post dedicated to how much I love teal. I would normally pair this with my Christian Siriano heels, but I wasn't in the mood to overdress, so I went with cute black flats.

Enough about clothes. The Boy grew up in this area, and so he took me to one of his favorite restaurants. It was a cute, casual Italian bistro. You know, the kind where you get unlimited soup or salad with your entree. I got a Sangria, which was sweet and refreshing, to go with my rigatoni. Overall, everything was fantastic.

The restaurant had a little walking path down by the river (some parts of this town are just so cute!) with swans, but it was dark by the time we got done with dinner, so we didn't see any swans. That's okay though, because we tend to go on pretty fun outings and see a lot of cool things. I'm sure our next adventure will be awesome.

So I called it a monthiverary. He called it a luniversary, which actually sounds better. And we toasted to what will hopefully be another fantastic month.

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