Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday Five Things [05/10/13]

My nails this week: Wet N Wild Ebony Hates Chris and an accent in Revlon Radiant and Sally Hanson In The Spotlight
1. A year ago, I was finished with my undergraduate studies at college. I didn't walk in my graduation, so I don't have that huge moment, but walking out of my last class on May 16, 2012 is pretty much that victory for me. I cannot believe it's been a year, and really what a wild year it has been. I might think of doing a year in review or perhaps starting up monthly reviews for this blog. Hmm...

2. I may have found a dress for B's wedding! I'm not sure on the sizing, since it only goes up to large, but I might as well order it and try it out. The dress is from ModCloth and they have a fantastic return policy. Although online shopping isn't really my style (I like to try things on!) it worked with my Lilly Pulitzer dresses this winter, so hopefully this'll be a win as well. Here's a collage of styling inspiration:

MBs Wedding Ideas

3. I'm moving out of my apartment soon. I've lived here for an entire year (really just lots of momentous things happened last May) so i'm sure moving will be an adventure. Luckily for me, I never really unpacked a lot of my stuff. Living here was always "temporary" even though it ended up being for much longer than I expected. I'm excited to start a new adventure with a new abode!

4. I have had a little bit more free time this week, as most of my friends have been crazy busy finishing up with school. That's what happens when you're not a student anymore - schedules cease to align. So in addition to my normal job searching and classes, I've spend my free time catching up on some TV. Maybe I'll write up a post about some of my favorite shows. We'll see!

5. I had a few awesome job prospects and interviews in the last couple of weeks, but unfortunately, none of them have panned out into an actual job. In the summer, I'm going to go back to trying to find a local job - just something to do in between real job searching. over Christmas I worked at the mall, and honestly I'd do it again if I have to. Mostly, I just want out of this rut.

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