Saturday, June 8, 2013

Friday Five Things [06/07/13 - On Saturday]

1. I write a lot about food in the summer, because that's when I do most of my cooking. It's strange, because you'd think I'd rather cook in the winter when turning on the heating elements will keep the house warm. However, in the winter, I like to hibernate. I like to order in. I like to eat out and be lazy. In the summer, I'm so much more awake and motivated to cook, so food posts galore! Let me know what you want to see: desserts, salads, etc.

2. I have a friend near where I live that goes on adventures a lot, and he keeps inviting me. In a couple weeks, he's going down to NYC for a weekend, and I think I might go with him. I need a good overnight trip to change my scenery. Even if I end up going off and exploring on my own, it's still better than staying home, right?

3. I joined a new blog community called Social Fabric! So I wanted to give a quick shout out to everyone reading my blog who came over from SoFab! I haven't explored too much, but I'm pretty excited to see what is in store for me and my blog thanks to this new community. If you found me from SoFab, say hey and be sure to follow me on Twitter: @a_ohkait

4. I've been watching the final round of hockey playoffs! The seven game series are was more exciting to watch than single games, especially when they go into overtime (which has happened a lot this year). I'm rooting for some teams and against others, but I really don't have much invested, since my favorite teams were knocked out pretty early. Who are you rooting for?

5. I took The Boy out to visit M, W, and mom last weekend. We hung out and chatted, watched some Billy on the Street (umm, best show ever? Yeah, I think so) and went out to dinner with a couple of mom's local friends as well. They all talked about Star Trek and baseball among other things, and I think everyone liked each other!

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