Monday, June 10, 2013

Sweet Tea

There are not many things as magical as a cool glass of sweet tea on a hot day.

Seriously between that, my love for mint juleps and sundresses, and my tendency to always wear a ribbon in my hair you'd think I was from the south. Nope, New York, New Jersey, and I've spent some time with my parents in Florida but that was more like an extended vacation.

I made my first pitcher of the summer the other day. I used raspberry and peach teas and plenty of sugar. And when I had the first sip, after letting it chill in the fridge for a couple hours - it was perfect.

The second batch I made, I used four tea bags of Earl Grey and 2 of an orange spice flavored tea. I'm not the biggest fan of orange flavor, but mixed with the powerful Earl Grey, it ended up just being a subtle citrus aroma. I'm not sure what I'll make next, maybe an English Breakfast?

Yep, with my sweet tea in hand, it is definitely summer.

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