Thursday, June 13, 2013

Pittsburgh and Baseball

The conversation literally went like this:

Me: Want to go on a really big adventure on Thursday?
Boy: That depends ... where are we going?
Me: Pittsburgh.
Boy: What's in Pittsburgh?
Me: The Cubs.
And bam, just like that, we were going to Pittsburgh.

So waking up at the ungodly hour of 5:30, leaving at 6 after a brief stop at Dunkin Donuts, and then my periodic tweets will tell you the rest:

  • 6:41 am - after brief stops at wegmans and dunkin the adventure to Pittsburgh begins.
  • 7:49 - Road trip continues. I discover Boy doesn't know Paradise by the Dashboard Light. I'm concerned for his health.
  • 8:48 we have finally found our way across the border. Pennsylvania land, we are in you.
  • 9:02 - we pass a giant jelly belly. Boy is excited over the prospect of acquiring jelly beans upon our return.
  • 9:26 - passed Edinboro and Meadville. Waved to M&W's colleges.
  • 9:55 - pretty sure we passed the same farm twice. Otherwise the PA farms are just all blending together.
  • 10:21 - Pennsylvania has too many unnecessary signs with driving tips. Buckle up. Be alert. Slow down. Thanks PA!
  • 10:53 - we've made it! Lots of P-ple.

Luckily, I only did that for the ride down because my phone battery started to quickly decline. Anyway, we were there for a baseball game.

Now, baseball isn't my favorite sport. I grew up immersed in the Yankees in the worst way and it sort of made me dislike the whole game. However, being there with the Boy and learning about America's pastime from him made it more than bearable.

In the bottom on the fourth (look at me using correct terminology) there was a flash thunderstorm and a rain delay. Luckily, the stadium was full so we found shelter under an overhang in some unused seats. We also looked adorable in our ponchos!

We chatted with some strangers and mostly each other to pass the time, but it was nice. I liked just sitting there with him, doing nothing, watching the rain. Eventually they cleared the field and we were ready to start again!

The Cubbies (I'm even using their nickname, help!) lost, but I have a favorite player! His name is David DeJesus. He went to Rutgers and scored one of the two runs. The Pirates got four. There was a guy behind us that was amazing at heckling. We had an over-under bet for when he'd lose his voice, but the rain was well timed in his favor.

They do this chant at PNC Park, where the Pirates play where they say "GO BUCS!" because apparently the Pirates are called Bucs or whatever. So some of the Cubs fans started saying "You guys are spelling Cubs wrong!"

On the way back, we ended up taking a detour which took us into the middle of nowhere. We also got caught in a few more flash thunderstorms. Overall, the Boy and I spent eighteen hours together and didn't kill each other. Pretty good, right?

Even if the Cubbies end up breaking my heart, it was still a great adventure!

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