Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Perfect Summer Breakfast

For some reason, my favorite meal in the summer is breakfast.

During the rest of the year, I honestly couldn't care less if I get my full nutritional value in my first meal of the day. However, in the summer time it's all about balanced meals for me. This is probably because of my obsession with summer berries. Yeah.

I usually mold my meal around a carb. I have this obsession with carbs. My mother always says not to talk to me in the morning 'til I've had them. It's like other people and coffee. Except, you know, I need my coffee too.

Then I throw in fruit and dairy and protein until it's a balanced meal. And then I photograph (and probably Instagram) it, because isn't that what we do in today's world?

Some days it's a bagel, like this. Other days it's waffles. If I'm feeling really adventurous and haven't had enough protein in a few days I'll throw together an omelette. I learned these are actually much easier to make than I originally thought.

I just love breakfast. Doesn't that look freakin' delicious. I don't care that I just ate at the time of writing this. I want this in my belly like now.

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