Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Exploring San Fran

The day before B's wedding, the whole family had to be in San Francisco already, because we were needed at the rehearsal and it's accompanying dinner.

Awesome fountain!

However, since we're all east coasters (the right coast ...) we had no problem rolling out of bed early and hitting the streets of good old San Fran.

We started at Pier 1, which is the location of a pretty fantastic farmer's market. Now, if there's one important thing you need to know about me, it's that I judge farmer's markets completely on the percentage of stands that give me free samples. So the one in Seattle is pretty much top of the line, and mine at home is well, we get what we get. This one in San Francisco rate pretty near the top: lots of peaches, plums, and even a few strawberries!

Mmm green tea lemonade, modeled by the gorgeous E and A

Afterwards, we all split up and went to different places. B and N had to go back to the hotel and get ready for the rehearsal. Planning a wedding is rough. A and E decided to call a cab and ride out to the Golden Gate Bridge, which I wasn't really feeling.

B and N with their sunhats. Oh Californians, amiright?

So, M, W, and I walked up four hundred seventy stairs (and a little bit on flat ground and some hills as well) to the top of the Coit Tower, where we got an amazing view of the entire city. We saw the Golden Gate Bridge through the haze, Lombard Street, and we could even see our hotel and the pier we started from.

Yeah, we went up there.

Golden Gate Bridge!

The super curvy Lombard Street

Good times were had in San Francisco. Oh, and did I forget to mention this day was E's birthday, because it was! At the rehearsal dinner, we all sang to her and got some delicious cake.

Happy birthday E!

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