Tuesday, July 30, 2013

In Praise of Dole Whip

I'm a fan of ice cream. Anyone who knows me can vouch for this.

However, there is one beautiful, gorgeous, delectable flavor of soft serve that just outdoes itself with taste, texture, and cooling perfection on a hot summer day - and that's Dole whip.

Dole whip might actually be the closest we'll ever get to edible heaven. It's sugary pineapple flavor has just enough bite so as not to overdo your sweet tooth. It's creamy texture melts just as it touches the tip of your tongue.

It's best floating on top of Sprite (which isn't offered on the menu, officially. Be creative. Take chances. Order off menu.) because the puckery citrus counters the rich pineapple - enough to keep licking your lips for more.

I've never seen Dole whip sold in the wild. No, no, you have to travel to a very specific place to find this frozen treat - the wilds of Adventureland (where you might run into lions, and tigers, and tiki birds!)

Whether in sunny central Florida or the golden glow of southern California, you're missing out if you're not satisfying your midday hunger with my favorite treat: Dole whip.

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