Friday, July 12, 2013

Friday Five Things [07/12/13]

My Fourth of July look from last week!

1. By the time you read this, I'll be in San Francisco. The whole family will be here by tonight because it's time for B's wedding this weekend! The actual wedding is on Sunday afternoon, but there's family events all weekend and then a hop down to Disneyland for some of us. After California, I might be flying back to the east coast but heading to DC with the Boy instead of going straight home.

Outtake from an upcoming post on deviled eggs!
2. I've rediscovered SwagBucks, which is an easy way to earn points for gift cards by doing stuff you do everyday - like searching the internet! I'm working toward getting some money in PayPal, and I'm really close to my goal. If you need a little extra cash, you should sign up here, and I'll get referral points!

Little creek through a broken window in a friend's garage

3. I've been working on my novel, and I hope you've enjoyed what I've posted so far. If you haven't read it yet, be sure to click on the Camp NaNoWriMo tab above where you can read some of what I have written. Please leave comments and criticisms!

4. Most of this week has been all about prepping for being out of town next week. That means laundry, packing, cleaning out the fridge, cleaning up my room a little bit, and making sure all my travel plans are in order. It also means writing lots of extra blog posts to post throughout the week. So don't worry, just because I'm gone doesn't mean there's no posts - there might just not be as many!

Some dippers from our beer and cheese fondue
5. The job market still looks dismal for me. Even with local businesses when I ask if they're hiring, they just say to apply online and then I never hear a word. How does anyone get a job anywhere? As for a career job, I'm working on it - lots of cover letters every single day and usually no response at all, even if I follow up! It's just disheartening.

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