Monday, July 15, 2013

Color Me Monday: Pink

Pink is the color that people think of when they think of me.

It's a huge part of my wardrobe, and even moreso a huge part of my decorating. A friend once walked into my room and immediately walked out saying, "Woah, pink!" At the time, my bedding, curtains, and a few boxes on my book shelf were all hot pink, so it's understandable.

A lot of people don't like pink, but I embrace it.

It's never bothered me that so many products targeted to women are pink, because I truly love how happy it makes me feel to own something in that pretty bubblegum color. 

Some of my favorite things ever are pink, like cotton candy, my most comfortable bra, and sunsets. 

My favorite part of having pink decorations was the warm, soft light that would come through my pink curtains in the morning. It wasn't as harsh as full sunlight, and it just made me ready to face the day.

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