Tuesday, August 6, 2013

My Boyfriend vs. The Museum of American History

It was a touristy trip to Washington, DC. We went to the zoo, three Smithsonians and hit up all the national monuments. On the way home we explored Gettysburg.

And this was all during that heat wave in the middle to end of July. So needless to say, we were tired. Our feet hurt. It was exhausting. But so awesome.
One of my favorite parts of this trip was when we got to the Museum of American History. We weren't there for long. We stopped after exploring all of Air & Space, and only had just over an hour before the building closed.

Here's a bonus one of me!

I mean, it makes sense that I enjoyed this part - I love culture. It's my favorite part of history. However, it wasn't just the exhibits that I liked, it was the crazy way in which The Boy interacted with the statues in the transportation exhibit.

So enjoy these perfectly staged pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them:

Debating what to do with the horse ..
Ahh. Good choice.
This is probably not funny and also offensive to some people.

Stare down.

"You want how much? For some stone cabbage?"

 He's a goofball, right? Well here's both of us unable to contain our excitement in the Little Golden Books exhibit, because childhood.

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