Tuesday, September 3, 2013

My First Week in Arizona

My updates have been nonexistent lately.

I know, I'm sorry (says every blogger ever, usually followed by "I promise to post more" which then ends up being the last post ever made in said blog). That's not my intention here, don't worry.

See, in all my applying to jobs, I never thought the whole thing would happen so quickly. But here I am, less than a month after submitting an application, sitting in a hotel in Arizona, having just finished my first day of work.

That's why my posts haven't had any time to get written. Packing and moving takes up more of your time than you'd expect, and then there's, you know, that silly thing called real life. I spent much of my last few days in New York spending quality time with my boyfriend and some friends that were in town.

But you don't want to hear about nostalgia, you want to know about Arizona, right?

It seems I brought the weather from New York. Instead of 103 (but it's a "dry heat") it's a little cooler and today there was actually a thunderstorm, with a rain that lingered for hours. Hold up, this is supposed to be the desert, right?

Well trust me, it still is. Mom and I visited the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum and learned all about the flora and fauna of my new home. I never knew there were so many different types of cactus, let me tell you. Also, I'll probably make an entire post with pictures from that adventure.

In the first few days I was here, I spent a lot of time looking at apartments, and I found the one! It's going to have gorgeous yellow walls in the kitchen and dining area with built-in (!) shelves. It's also in a great location so I can walk to work, if it's not too hot.

I can't move in right away, but trust me, when I do you'll get plenty of before and after pictures of how I'm designing my own space. I've been going to antique malls and fairs, consignment furniture stores, and flea markets trying to get inspiration, and I'm almost there.

I know I'm doing my bedroom in a color palette of espresso, teal, white, and silver. I'm thinking lots of teal glass bottles with dark branches, big fluffy pillows, and maybe a few peacocks for accents. My kitchen and dining area are inspired by the gorgeous sunflower, playing off the yellow walls and chocolate brown carpet. I'll throw in some kelly green accessories.

I haven't settled on a living room or bathroom design yet.

Otherwise, I've been trying to orient myself to the area where I'll be living and working. I've got the lay of the land - mostly, by now. I know how to get to the grocery and convenience stores, which is pretty important. There's also plenty of shopping nearby. Once I move into my apartment, I'll explore the bus system and check out some local bars as well.

I found out there's a beer festival here at the end of the month, and I'm thinking about checking that out. Maybe I can get some people from work to go too! Making friends is going to be rough, since I know almost no one, but it'll be part of the fun.

Okay, I think the length of this baby has made up for my lack of posting.

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