Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Interior Inspiration: Bedroom

I'm starting from scratch here.

When I move out to the southwest and finally sign a lease on an apartment, I'll have a completely blank slate to work with when it comes to decorating.

Right now, I own no furniture. No bed, no dresser, no couch, nothing.

That makes moving clear across the country a little cheaper and easier than it might have otherwise been, and it also means that I have no starting point for the decorating in any of the rooms in my future apartment.

I'm planning on getting a one bedroom, which means I'll have a few main areas that need to be made into a home: the kitchen and dining area, a living room and office, my bathroom, and the bedroom. which will be my haven.

Because I'll mostly use it for sleeping, and use the living room area more for entertainment and entertaining, there are a few features I need my bedroom to have:

  • It must be comforting. When it comes time for bed, I don't want anything to stress me out or keep me awake. I tend to think and it causes pretty awful insomnia. My bedroom needs to counter that.
  • It must be happy. I'm not a morning person - part of me is considering putting my coffee maker on my bedside table. But most importantly, when I open my eyes, I want to like what I see and be in an instant good mood.
  • It must be sleep-focused. Blankets and pillows are number one. Curtains to block out any external light is the next priority. The last thing I'll need is plenty of storage for my way too many clothes.
So, thinking about these things, here's an Olioboard I made for each specific feature that my bedroom needs to have. Hopefully I can use these three the design myself the perfect sleep space!


My bedroom is the most comforting when I can fall asleep without having to worry about anything. I can't see any of the clutter, because it's all locked up in my closet or desk drawers. I have all the necessities right next to my bed, like my phone and a glass of water.


Happiness is all about the aesthetics. A color scheme that will put me in a good mood is pretty important. I like bright colors and I like plenty of them. If I want to be peppy and bubbly first thing in the morning, being surrounded by my favorite colors when I first wake up is a good way to achieve that.


It's all about pillows and blankets: soft, fuzzy ones for cool nights or crisp silky sheets for hot ones. If I can't get myself into a mood and position where I can easily fall asleep, doesn't that defeat the purpose of a bedroom? This is a huge priority, especially since I'll be waking up for work everyday.

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