Friday, January 9, 2015

Fantasy Gymnastics Recap: Week 0

I'm playing College Fantasy Gymnastics for the third year now, and it's about to get started. This past weekend, we saw a couple meets to kick off the season. Luckily (since I only had 4 girls on my team competing) it only counted as a practice week. Each week, I'll take you in depth into how I run my gymnastics team: from statistics to beautiful routines, from leotard fashions to girls I wish I drafted. I might even make a couple animated gifs, if I find the time.

Week 0 Superstars

Only four of my athletes competed in this intro week, so they are all superstars to me. However, I'm going to look at their early scores and analyze what that could mean for their upcoming season. First, from University of California Berkeley (or Cal) is Serena Leong. Serena competed this week on Vault (9.825), Beam (9.8), and Floor (9.6). Vault and beam are a good showing for the first meet out. You want to see a gymnast improve over the course of the season, and those scores will make for a solid base. As for floor, a 9.6 is rough, and will pull down her average all season. Hopefully she can pick back up and score some 9.9's, like her 2014 season high: 9.925.

I also had three gymnasts from Central Michigan compete this past week. Now, CMU isn't known for being one of the top schools in College Gym, but they have had a few fantastic athletes come through. Last year, Brittany Petzold was a staple in many of my line-ups, because I knew she'd pull out a solid score week after week. This year, I have Hallie Moraw, who had top marks for her team on Vault (9.65), Beam (9.75) and Floor (9.725). My Taylors (Noonan and Bolender) didn't have the greatest start, but I think they'll improve based on their 2014 stats.

Girls I Wish I Drafted

Oh man, it's tough to watch some of these gymnasts that I don't have on my team hitting big scores right out of the gate. Elizabeth Price from Stanford wasn't even expected to compete, and she managed to pull out a 9.95 on vault. Yeah, I'm feeling jealous of the players who got Ebee on their team for sure. As for CMU, my three athletes are going to have good years, but seeing Kylie Fagan get a 9.9 on bars made me want to trade in all my Chippewas for that score.

What's New?

This year, for the first time, we get to trade girls onto and off our team. This could be game changing, especially for season ending injuries, surprise freshman superstars and when your line-up just starts to feel a little bland. I'm pretty excited to get the season going and see how this new rule adds a new dynamic to Fantasy Gym.

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