Thursday, February 12, 2015

Dress Up Tess: My Chihuahua Valentine

The Boy is working late on Valentine's Day, but that's okay. It means there's literally no pressure to make a reservation and get dressed up and go out to eat a prix fixe dinner that is far too overpriced. It also means that I get to spend the evening instead cuddled up with my little Muffin.

This dog has so many nicknames, but Muffin is one I probably use the most (other than her actual name, Tessa) if you include all of its various incarnations. Muffin became Puffin - a combination of puppy + muffin, which became Puff.

Her full name, which honors her Arizonian heritage is Teresita Cascabel. It means Tiny pepper of the earth, which is pretty appropriate for an itty bitty Chihuahua. I like portmanteaus when coming up with nicknames for Tess, so I often call her Tessabel. Occasionally she's Fluffkin, a matchup of fluffy and pumpkin.

The dress she's wearing in these pictures was a Christmas gift from Aunt A, my best friend in the entire world. I thought the soft red skirt was perfect for my little Valentine. You may recognize the heart pillow from my Disney-themed living room. Enjoy the photo shoot, hopefully more than Tess did!

Because the dress was a gift, I don't know where you can find this exact one. However, I found one that's similar. Note: that is an affiliate link. If you click on it and make a purchase, I can earn a little money at no extra cost to you!


  1. Those are gorgeous shots. How do you get Tess to sit so well for photos? I get about 3 seconds before Tali starts moving around on me again!

    1. Thank you! I hold a treat in one hand (which is what she's always looking at) and then after rapid-firing a few shots I'll give her the treat. I take 5-10 photos for every 1 I post, so I just get lucky! You should see the outtakes!

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