Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Fantasy Gymnastics Recap Week 5: Higher and Higher

Thanks to Stefano Domenici for the picture!
Another week, another trade! This week I dropped Taylor Noonan, who was injured at the beginning of the season. In her place, I picked up a Bars anchor from Southern Utah, Jaime Armijo. Her average is above 9.8, and even though I already have two bar specialists in Chelsea Davis (Georgia) and Austin Sheppard (Michigan), it was an event I'd been hurting on.

Week 5 Superstars

Obviously, Georgia Dabritz (Utah) is my number one. She's basically my anchor, and I depend on her scores a lot. This week, she scored her second 10.0 of the season, this time on Vault. I just hope she improves on beam a little bit and she'd basically be perfect.

Mary Jane Horth (Illinois). Did you see her bar routine this week? Pretty gorgeous, if you ask me. And apparently the judges too, since she got a 9.975. Love it. Lauren Beers (Alabama) got three 9.9's this week on Bars, Beam, and Floor, and Sunny Kato (Illinois) got two on Bars and Beam. But my surprise star of the week was Lindsay Offutt (Pittsburgh) with a 9.925 on Floor.

Team Analysis

Thanks to Road to Nationals, I don't have to constantly chart each of my gymnasts' progress, because they do it for me! Here are a few charts for some of the athletes that are contributing the most to my fantasy team over the last 5 weeks:

Dabritz | Horth | Beers | Moraw | Laeng | Hanset | Offutt

This week, my weakness was Beam for sure, but it's pretty clear that the event has been a problem all season, so far. I probably would have been fine had Halle Moraw (CMU) not fallen on her best event, but because she did, I had to count Dabritz's 9.775, my lowest score on any event this week.

Around the League

There was a bit of a disagreement over scoring at the LSU vs Georgia meet. LSU superstar, Rheagan Courville, scored a 9.95 for a Vault that did not have a great landing. Speaking of scoring discrepencies, Tory Wilson (Utah) got a 10 that many are saying she didn't really deserve as well. I know the scoring has gone way, way up in the past few years. Personally, I think it's time to reevaluate the scoring system. There's a ten-point scale, but it's rare to see a score below a 9. When 90% of you scoring system is hardly even in use, something needs to be changed.

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