Thursday, February 5, 2015

Fantasy Gymnastics Recap Week 4: Mixing Things Up

Thanks to Raphael Goetter for the photo!

This week, I decided to finally take advantage of a new feature on College Fantasy Gymnastics: trading! Now, when I first heard we were going to be allowed trades, I was a little worried. I thought I'd have to be trading with other players! Luckily, the trade system works more like free agency in other fantasy sports.

After week 3's 197, it was time to trim the fat and make my team run a little bit more efficiently. If a gymnast isn't contributing, and I don't see a sign that they will in the next few weeks, it's time to drop them. Unfortunately, this meant letting go of a couple favorites this week.

Adds and Drops

I mentioned in Week 1 that I love Kristen Klarenbach's (Arizona) floor routine. However, I haven't been able to find much information about her injury. According to The College Gymnastics Board's injury list, she's out for the season for unknown reasons. I decided it would be better to pick up someone who can contribute, especially on Floor. I went with a Junior from Eastern Michigan, Chantelle Loehner. She's a specialist, only competing on floor, but her average before this week was a 9.867.

Another gymnast I was sad to see go was Cal's Serena Leong. She tore her Achilles, and I know from past seasons that that's an injury that it's tough to recover from, especially in only 12 weeks. To replace her Vault score, but with potential for other events, I picked up All-Around Freshman from GWU, Camille Drouin-Allaire. I probably won't use this new athlete for her bars or beam at all, but she can certainly contribute on Vault, where I needed her the most, and possibly Floor.

Welcome to the 10.0 Club

Thank you, Ciera Perkins! The Boise State superstar pulled out my fantasy team's first 10 of the season with a big score on Vault. Joining her in the club is Georgia Dabritz, who earned her first 10 with a huge bar routine, helping her hold her position as the top ranked All-Arounder. Both of these big numbers helped my team to our current season high of 197.85!

The rest of the league didn't see much in the way of 10's. In fact, Dabritz had the only one in any of the top ten ranked schools this week. However, there were still some amazing performances around the league. Haley Scaman got the top score on 3 events during Oklahoma's two-meet weekend, including a 9.9 on Bars, 9.925 on Vault, and 9.95 on Floor. The Florida freshman are spectacular as well. I would love to have Alex McMurtry or Kennedy Baker in my line-up!

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