Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A Long Distance Friendship

Today is an important day. It's my best friend in the entire world, A's, birthday. And I get to see her!

This isn't the first time I've tried to surprise A on her birthday. Two years ago, everything was planned perfectly. I was to take a long weekend, skipping my few Monday classes and thankful to have Friday off already. My parents had booked a hotel room at Disney World and planned a fun evening safari at the Animal Kingdom Lodge.

But I can't tell you how that went, because the trip only happened in some alternate universe. Here, the weather Gods were having none of it and they sent a mean blizzard to upstate New York instead. The storm moved in fast and then stalled, dropping a ton of snow. The winds picked up and you couldn't see across campus from the highest dorm. I was trapped. I told her about the fallen through plan, and that was the end of that.

But, when I was out in Arizona, A surprised me! My mom planned a visit with a few of her friends. Someone had extra points towards a vacation rental, and so mom told me to take a couple days off. I needed the break from work, so I didn't hesitate too much. However, I didn't know that she had been planning a surprise visit with A! We finally got our long weekend, though with cocktails and a private hot tub instead of a safari.

This year, I didn't go with the surprise visit. I was thinking of it originally, but considering how well it went the last time I tried, I decided not to tempt the weather again! So, while A is spending the morning on a Scuba diving trip, we'll all get together tonight to celebrate her birthday. I think the last birthday either of us celebrated together was A's 18th, so it's definitely been awhile. We're both 26 now!

So, Happy Birthday A - to many more!

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