Monday, March 25, 2013

A Cover Letter (In Animated Gifs)

Hi hiring manager!

I know you've read a lot of these today. You're probably feeling kind of like this:

No worries, though, because I'm here to change it up.

I'm writing to apply for your social networking/blogging/writing/communication position, because I know it's more than just this:

Most companies make their employees feel super bored.

But I want a job with you, because I'm pretty sure I would love coming to work everyday, and I'll wake up like:

Enough about you, though. You probably want to know about me.

First of all, I'm a great communicator and active on social media.

You should probably hire me because I'm a good person, and I won't get in trouble.

Also, I'm really sick of being happy when all my friends get jobs.

If you give me this job, I'll definitely be like this:

instead of this:


Call or email me. Kait.

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