Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Thinking and Walking

I was thinking today about how people get inspired to write. Novels, short stories, plays, songs, blog posts - honestly if done correctly they all tell some sort of story. But where do those stories come from?

So I decided to go for a walk the other day, because that's how I think.

Walking clears my head. When I'm alone like that, with nothing but the outdoor air and the sound of traffic, I can't help but get lost inside my own head. Sometimes this leads to getting distracted, and getting physically lost as well, but (as I say a lot) that's a story for another day.

I don't listen to music when I'm walking. I don't check my Twitter or Facebook for updates. I don't pay attention to anything but a little bit of what's going on around me and whatever road trip my mind takes me on from that starting point.

For example, I saw a young boy teaching his little brother to ride a bike when I was out. This bike was at least three sizes too big for the little boy, making it all the more adorable. Immediately, my mind jumped to how I never learned to ride a bike as a kid.

I know I failed at childhood.

Then it leaped over to the fact that I like to us that tidbit of information to knock out an entire group of people in a game of 'Never Have I Ever,' which then made me think of other things I've never done.

I've never been to Canada, despite living so close - or anywhere overseas. I've never pulled an all-nighter for school, even though I have stayed up all night to hang out with friends. I never got a grade below a B in college, despite skipping classes, failing tests, and missing field trips throughout my time.

Each of those things I've never done has the potential to branch out into ideas. Suddenly, just from seeing a kid on a bike, I had stories upon anecdotes upon tales to tell for days on end. And this walk didn't end there, giving me so much more.

So whenever I get stuck with any sort of writer's block, no matter what type of writing I'm working on, all I have to do is go outside, observe, and let it take me away.

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