Monday, April 1, 2013

Color Me Monday: Teal

I love colors. I have this obsession with color coding things and sorting everything I own by it's hue. One of my favorite parts of photography school was learning all about tints, shades, brightness, and chroma. I'm pretty sure I want to study color vision.

So, i'm going to share that with you. Sometimes on Mondays, I'll pick a color that's been in my head, that I've seen everywhere, or that has just been bothering me. I get colors stuck in my head like songs - it's weird. Anyway, today it's teal.

Teal, to me, is the color of spring. It's the color of snow melting into little streams that fill my yard. it's the color of pools beginning to lose their covers and dot the landscape. It's the color of the sky as the sun starts to set a little later thanks to Daylight Saving Time.

It's one of my favorite colors to wear in spring also. My two favorite sundresses are both teal. My splurge dress is a gorgeous, lacy, Lilly Pulitzer strapless with a thick gold zipper. It goes beautifully with my Christian Siriano heels or my Ferragamo's.

My saver dress was bought for $2.99 at a thrift store, and it's survived a lot. It's a traditional a-line dress covered in big yellow, green, and teal flowers. I love wearing it with a silk scarf my brought back from China and a pair of Old Navy flip flops.

I love seeing teal everywhere. It's the moonlight reflecting in the eyes of a new spring fling. It's the waves crashing on the beach in that little window before the tourists get there. It's on cupcakes and Easter candy and it's perfect.

And that was my ode to teal.

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