Tuesday, April 2, 2013

In Praise of Candy Holidays

All holidays are drinkings holidays, once you're of age.

However, the really important holidays are the candy ones. Since Easter has now come and gone, we've got a little bit of time to wait before the next big candy holiday. Is it too early to start prepping for Halloween? Never.

Easter provides my favorite seasonal candy. I'm a fan of spice jellybeans, an advocate of eating pastel foods, and a believer that Reese's peanut butter eggs have the best chocolate to peanut butter ratio of the whole brand. Also, solid chocolate bunnies - need I say more?

I'll be savoring this box of mini Cadbury cream eggs for weeks. I'll probably even go to the store sometime this week to try and get some more candy for half off. You know, to hold me over for the next seven months (or eat all in one sitting, you know whatever).

If I had to pick a second choice it would probably be Christmas, but Halloween is just as good. I can't choose between candy canes and candied apples, those old fashioned ones in a bowl on the coffee table or a bowl on the front porch that says, "Please Take One."

How am I supposed to say which is better when presented with chocolate coins for dreidling (yeah my family's half Jewish) and gooey, juicy, wax vampire fangs?

I'm a proponent of more candy holidays. Let's eat green mints on St. Paddy's. Let's have Mexican chocolate on Cinco de Mayo. Edible glitter on New Year's, gummy trees on Arbor Day, or rum flavored hard candy on Talk Like a Pirate Day are all ideas I'd agree to.

Seriously, we need more candy holidays.

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