Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Friday Five Things [04/26/13] on Tuesday

1. By the time this posts today, I'm in Disney World for B's Bachelorette Weekend! Yeah, my family goes to WDW all the time, but it never gets any less exciting. And this time we're having a totally girls weekend with all the bridesmaids and family and a few friends to celebrate the wedding this summer. It's going to be totally awesome. [Note: I forgot to schedule this to post! So now I'm back and posting it late]

2. I've been sort of loving Twitter lately. I have a lot more friends with accounts than I used to, and it's a really good way to communicate with a lot of them. A and W and I have been using it for awhile to talk to one another, but I, J, and K are users as well as The Boy which means I get a ton of @replies and retweets from friends. I would love more followers, and we can have chats too! @a_ohKait (obviously).

3. Beautiful days lately mean that I don't get things done as much as I should. I hate to waste a single moment of sunshine, and this week and last have both been gorgeous. I'm loving it, don't get me wrong, but it's so hard to make myself sit inside at a computer and write or do classwork or apply to jobs when the sun is out and warm. So I get a lot more done after dark, but even that's getting later each day!

4. I'm still looking for the perfect dress for B's wedding. The color scheme is magenta, but it doesn't have to be a solid color. My problem right now is that I totally found the perfect dress, but it doesn't come in my size. So now I'm constantly looking for a replacement. Maybe making a few more Polyvore collages will help me out. Here's one I made earlier this week using a Lilly dress that I can't afford.

San Francisco Wedding

5. You all probably want a boyfriend update, am I right? Oh well, I like talking about him in any case. Things are going fantastically! I am really happy with the whole situation and best of all it feels healthy and good. We talk about everything and I feel super comfortable. Today I left a cute note on a post it on his desk. While I was away he sent me texts asking how I was. I really hope this all continues.

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