Thursday, May 2, 2013

Drinking Around the World

Yesterday I told you all about tea. Well, now we're moving on to more alcoholic imbiberies.

One of our favorite Disney traditions is drinking around the World Showcase part of the Epcot park. There are eleven pavilions for different countries, and in each we have a few traditions that we celebrate.

For this most recent trip, we were celebrating B's Bachelorette weekend, and so we added a few cute things. We all dressed up in matching tank tops and silver Mickey ears so everyone knew we were there to celebrate!

For each country, we had her open a card and read aloud a tradition from the respective country. Then we had her complete a cute task, like telling us about their first kiss, throwing coins in a fountain, or opening a pearl in Japan.

We usually start in Mexico and work our way back through all the countries to end in Canada. We do it this way, because near the end of the night we want to leave out the back exit of the park to walk to our favorite bar, and it's a more efficient path.

Mexico is all about the margaritas from La Cava del Tequila, a fairly new bar inside the pavilion. My favorite is the cucumber margarita, but M just likes to taste the many varieties they have. In Norway, we used to eat at the buffet but it's changed away from our liking. However, we still love Maelstrom, the boat ride.

China has one of my favorite quick serve restaurants, and when W is with us he has to grab a Yeungling to drink (not Chinese, but sold in China, hmm). Then comes Germany where we have to stop and eat caramels from the Karamel Kuche and drink riesling flights from the wine bar.

In Italy, we stop for a glass of wine of course! B and A love Rosa Regale. M is into something drier, like a nice Chianti. And I am a fan of their prosecco. They also have just opened a new wine bar inside so now we have to make extra time for Italy!

In America, B loves to watch the Voices of Liberty sing. They are an amazing A Capella group that performs patriotic songs and Christmas carols around the holidays. Next is Japan, where we always have to get some Sake and look at the Nintendo merchandise for W.

By Morocco and France it's time for dessert. We grab a little doctored up coffee in the former and head over to the Patisserie in the latter for some little bites of chocolate mousse. Afterwards, we grab a Grey Goose or Grand Marnier slush and a glass of Vouvray.

The home stretch is the UK and Canada. In the UK we stop in the pub for some Pimm's or a cider and black. We like to munch on a scotch egg or chips. I'll admit, sometimes we never make it to Canada because it's time to run to the bar. But that's okay! We just traveled the world after all.

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