Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday Five Things [06/28/13]

Pretty much the summary of the weather up here. 
1. Wait, hold on. Is June already almost over? Wow! I hope the rest of this summer goes by that fast. Summer's not exactly my favorite seasons, but I've been keeping myself super busy with blogging and online classes and obviously adventures. There are more adventures to come: I'm going to California, down to DC, and maybe I'll finally learn to drive. (Yeah, yeah, I know).

2. This week has been the Jazz Festival in my town. The Boy and I went a couple times. Last night we saw this really fun soul band, but my favorite part is by far the people watching: old couple dancing, young couples kissing, drunk men making beer runs, drunk women trying to dance. We're such interesting creatures, and you really get to see it in a large crowd of happy people.

3. I haven't just like blasted my music and sung in awhile, and I sort of need to. Yeah, I sing in the car but it's not the same. Maybe since I have a webcam on my computer (I know, welcome to the 21st century, Kait) I can record myself singing sometime. Well I'll probably record it but never ever share it. Self conscious and all that.

4. It was a solid week for rights. I don't discuss politics much, but I'm fairly liberal especially when it comes to social issues. It was great to see the Supreme Court determine that DOMA was unconstitutional, and it was great to see Texas not pass their ridiculous abortion bill. I sort of wish everyone would just butt out and let others live their lives. 

5. Still no good news on the job front. I'm working on it everyday, and it's just super stressful. It doesn't help when everyone thinks they know what I should do and wants to give me advice, and keeps pushing me to pursue job offers that I'm clearly not qualified for. I spent hours every day crafting cover letters and resumes to fit job descriptions, and it's hard enough, thanks.

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