Thursday, June 27, 2013


So our local zoo has this cool festival each month in the summer where they set up beer stands around the zoo, and only let adults over 21 enter.

Basically, it's drunk people and animals - so that's pretty fantastic! Welcome to ZooBrew.

The Boy and I went and had lots of fun. We walked around and looked at some animals, you know like you do at a zoo. It wasn't the best zoo I'd been to (umm Disney's Animal Kingdom, anyone?) and the beer was kinda crappy (Bud Light and summer brews, you know, I'm more a chocolate stout girl).

However, it was fun being around just people my own age (no kids!) and being at the zoo. I love animals, and it was neat to see the bald eagles and baboons and elephants. I wish they had giraffes!

Worst at selfies. Didn't even get the elephant in the picture!

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