Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Letchworth State Park

Oh you all know about my waterfall obsession. I'm going to skip over the raving this time and just say that Letchworth State Park is pretty much amazing. I'm not sure how I'd missed visiting it before, but it is truly a wonder of nature.

They call it the Grand Canyon of the East, and I can completely see why.

The gorge is huge. It was carved out over millions of years by the Genesee River (which is the same river that goes through Rochester, NY creating the gorgeous waterfalls in the middle of the city).

There are three huge waterfalls in the park, including New York's tallest, and the Boy and I got up close and personal with Lower Falls.

We also saw the Middle and Upper Falls but not as closely. A super cool train track goes over Upper Falls, and we got to see a train crossing it. The cables of the bridge were still shaking ten minutes after the train passed by.

Sometimes people break over the fence and climb on the train bridge, but we didn't want to risk it. We did go a little off the path near Lower Falls, though, so I still felt cool.

It was beautiful. I could sit on that rock over the waterfall for days, just writing or dreaming or anything. So gorgeous.

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