Thursday, June 20, 2013

We Went to Cleveland

The Boy and I and his cousin trekked out to Cleveland, OH this past weekend to visit yet another ball park for a baseball game.

Welcome to Progressive Field!

Jeez, if this tour continues, people are going to start thinking I'm super into baseball. Quick, Kait, think of something fashion related to write about so that you readers still know you're a girly girl at heart.

The forecast called for thunderstorms all day, but if you ask my steaming sun-burnt chest, it will tell you otherwise. It drizzled a little during the drive. It was cloudy for the beginning of the game. By the time we left, the sun was out and blazing hot.

Actually, the ballpark isn't downtown. It's right off the highway

Similar to Pittsburgh, we woke up far too early, packed into the car, and were off. Different from Pittsburgh was 1. his cousin was there, which provided a little more entertainment to him while driving and to me when he needed to focus on the road and 2. we didn't stumble upon super cheap tickets on the field level this time.

Boy and me, pre-sunburn
It was a little cramped, sitting up on the balcony, but the view we had was pretty gorgeous. I couldn't make out the players numbers (I needed binoculars, like we used to use at Yankee Stadium when I was little) but I could see the screens fairly well to understand the action.

Miniature baseball players!

I'm learning a little bit about the game, but I don't think I'll ever fall in love with it the way the Boy has. I can learn to like and appreciate it, impressive since I grew up despising the entire idea of baseball. I just don't think it will ever replace hockey for me. I did, however, recognize when one of the teams got a double play! I'm so proud of myself.

We were right behind home plate!

We didn't see the Cubs this time. Instead we saw the Washington Nationals play the Cleveland Indians. The Nats lost, probably because we were rooting for them. I'm pretty terrible luck. Any time I'm root for a sports team, they lose. (Sorry Chicago Blackhawks, hope you didn't want the cup too much!)

Watching the Nationals warm up down on field level

I'm sure we'll go on more baseball adventures. The boy loves the sport, and I like being with him and going on long drives. I told him to come out to California with me for B's wedding, but to skip the wedding at go to the five Cali ballparks instead.

The Indians were having a Pow-wow!

Yeah, most people would probably be joking about that, but I'm crazy enough to believe that it could totally work.

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