Monday, July 29, 2013

Wedding Bells in San Francisco

What a fantastic and much-needed vacation! I'm going to be writing about this trip for weeks - which is probably good, considering that for the next couple weeks, I really need to be focusing on job applications, cover letters, and interviews (cross your fingers that I actually get some). Hey, maybe I'll even get to travel for some interviews, but honestly, if I don't get on a plane again for a couple months, I think I'd be okay with that.

So, San Francisco, huh?

Yep, that's where my sister B got married to N, and it was a beautiful wedding. After my many posts about trying to find a dress for this shindig, I finally got one (don't worry) super last minute. I don't have very many pictures of the actual dress, though I'm sure the official photographer took some.

Me and A with our champagne, naturally.
The ceremony was quick and nice. B was shaking the whole time, and I'm a little bit surprised that she managed to say "I do," but she did, and they are married, and I didn't even trip walking down the aisle.

The cocktail hour and reception is obviously where it's at, though. Let's be honest, everyone knows those are the best parts of weddings, especially when you're there alone except for your high school best friend as your date.

Cheers to the happy couple, and A's curly hair, of course!
Overall, it was a wedding. I probably enjoyed it slightly more than your average wedding because it was my sister's, and therefore I actually knew pretty much half of the attendees, making dancing a little bit less awkward (or more, if you consider the example of my parents - no, no, just kidding, mom. I'm not making fun of your dancing. I swear.)

Selfies with the bride ...
And groom, because I'm all class.

Speaking of class, the hotel was full of interesting decor, and W and I found these awesome zebra chairs during the rehearsal. We had to take posed pictures of us being super classy while sitting in them. E, who is M's best friend from high school (think of her as M's A) joined us for a few. 

All in all, the wedding was the reason we made this west coast trek, and so the inspiration for the next few posts you'll see this week. After all, I've been on an adventure and I haven't been home to bake or do my nails, so you get what you get!

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