Monday, August 19, 2013

Upstate New York

Every single day is a little closer to leaving the state of New York.

And everyday I get a little bit more nostalgic for all the time I've spent in this place and all the people and memories I'll be leaving behind. I already wrote about some of the things I'm going to miss about upstate New York, but I keep getting reminded of more.

Just today someone made a post on Buzzfeed, talking about why Wegman's is the greatest grocery store to have ever been created. Since the post's creation at 11:44am, it has been shared by Facebook friends of mine no less than seven times.


We love our supermarket that much. And if people up here have that kind of attachment to a place where they buy bread and apples (really good bread and apples though, let's be real) I'm sure you can begin to imagine the homesickness I'm about to go through for this place.

If you can't, here's some pictures I took while riding along the New York Thruway this weekend:

Also, while we were driving The Boy's car hit 77777 miles, so that's of note as well.

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