Monday, September 30, 2013

Moving Is Rough

I've been in a lull lately, haven't I? What with moving, starting a brand new job, setting up an apartment from scratch and trying to spend as much time as possible out and about (aka at the bar...) I just haven't had the time to blog like I want to.

That doesn't mean I haven't been thinking. Don't worry! I didn't forget about you guys. Things have just been actually crazy in my life. Well now they are starting to settle down so hopefully I'll have more time for writing. 

Lucky for you I have lots of posts planned, especially a series of decorating my new abode - from inspiration to implementation. I'll also talk a little bit about my favorite sports, how I've been adjusting to the desert, and plenty more. I won't talk a lot about work - maybe a few stories here and there. 

If you've been following my Instagram and Twitter you know what I've been doing, and expect things to get back to normal soon! 

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. 

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