Monday, October 7, 2013

Color Scheme Inspiration: Bedroom

In decorating my new apartment, I was completely starting from scratch in that I owned no furniture or really anything other than the type of items that are generally stored away in a closet (ie, plenty of clothes!) However, when choosing colors, I had to think about what the place already looked like.

Because the whole house has white walls and a dark chocolate brown carpets (with the exception of the kitchen which has gorgeous yellow walls, but we'll get there another time) I had to consider those colors are my starting point.

In picking out colors, I wanted a bright and happy pop of color in every room, and as I've talked about in my bedroom before, I wanted it to be a place where I love waking up every single morning. So here are a few color schemes from one of my favorite blogs, Fresh Hues, that I used as a jumping off point.

Eventually, I settled on espresso, teal, white, and silver as the colors for the bedroom.

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