Monday, November 4, 2013

October in Reivew

My boyfriend kindly pointed out that I haven't written in this blog for almost a month, which is accurate. It's not from a lack of effort. My drafts page is filled with half written posts that need pictures, or collections of pictures that need narration. It's just that October has been kind of wild.

Technically, it was my first full month of working full time, you know, if you consider that I started work on September 3, so I wasn't working on the 1 or 2. That's quite a technicality, since one of those days was a Sunday and the other was Labor Day, but I digress.

Other than working, which I don't really like to write about, October also contained my 25th birthday, my 6 monthiversary with The Boy and a crazy busy trip for work to Louisville, Kentucky. I had never been to the home of my favorite whiskey (mmm, Bourbon) before, and the Bluegrass State brought my total up to 26 states visited, which is more than years I've been alive. I'm counting that as a success.

October also brought the start of hockey season, and this year we get treated not only to a full schedule of NHL, but also some winter Olympics thrown in the middle. My teams haven't been doing that great, but there's still time. I closed out the month going to see my first live game in over six months on Halloween, when I watched the University of Arizona Wildcats blow away their competition with a 8-0 win. It was glorious. I don't know how anyone can not love this sport, but to each his own, I suppose.

Arizona Octobers are a little different than what I'm used to. Sure, they still have pumpkin spice overload and Trader Joe's starts carrying apples, but there is a severe lack of fall - you know, with there not being very many leaves and all that. Also, 85 degrees in the middle of October is just wrong. Where's my sweater weather? I want to drink lattes and wear scarves, but that just feels weird. Luckily, my Kentucky trip meant I got to see some changing colors and feel brisk winds.

My birthday was all right, certainly not one of my favorites, but I wasn't expecting too much, since I barely know anyone in this town. My coworkers threw me a party, which was really nice. However, the bar scene didn't fully appreciate my birthday crown. The social scene here is actually pretty awful when it comes to strangers in bars actually speaking to one another. I don't like it much.

Looking forward to November, hopefully it will be good month - hockey and football games each weekend, and closing out with my family's annual vacation to Disney World.

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