Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Holy 2014, Batman!

I've never been big on resolutions. Why should January first be the day for me to reinvent myself? There's a natural progression in which I'm reinvented on a fairly regular basis. Anyone who has known me for more than a few months understands that.

So what hopes do I have? I hope 2014 brings me adventure and stories to tell. I hope I take pictures that I look back on and smile. I hope I meet new people and they enrich my life. I hope I make mistakes and learn from them. I hope I make the same mistakes again, because I can learn even more. I hope I laugh, cry, and have moments of boredom every single day.

It will be a good year, and it will be a bad one. A year is far too long of a time to which to attribute a single adjective. I hope during the downs, I have high points to think about. I hope those happy moments are even greater because of my struggles.

This isn't your year or my year - it belongs to us all, and we will all be surprised. Happy New Year! It will be on to the next before you know it.

Just so you know, I have not resolved to write more, but I will simply write when stricken. So don't expect this baby to blow up again ...

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